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Woodborough in Bloom

With the arrival of September our thoughts turn to our autumn/winter planting plans . Hopefully the summer bedding will last a few more weeks especially the barrier baskets which have been excellent this year and coped with the high temperatures and the winds and rain towards the end of August.

Thank you to all who have helped with the bowser rota and to the kind group on Old Manor Close who formed a rota to water the barrier baskets earlier in the season. The bowser rota continues to the end of September, which enables the winter plants to have a good water before the bowser goes back into storage.

Please continue to deadhead your planters and if autumn arrives early start to empty planters and troughs for the winter. We hope to buy the bulbs and pansies in bulk and will distribute to our loyal team of helpers.

Enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine, you never know we may get an Indian summer, September can be a lovely month.

Many thanks to all who help.

Jan, Elizabeth and Jane

The new marquee at the Nag’s Head, Woodborough allows a greater number of tables, whilst still allowing social distancing.

Cat Collar Found

If your cat has come home without a collar, don’t panic! One has been found in Woodborough – call 0115 9654958.

Mapperley & Arnold Rotary Club

Just to let you know what our members have been doing in and about our area during this Lockdown period.

They have been delivering PPE all round our district, managing the gardens at Hayward House and social distancing, and making them a pleasure to look at for the Hospice staff and patients.

They have been helping 2 of our local food banks in Arnold and Bestwood, and have been supporting Nottingham Blood Bikes who have been Transporting blood products and COVID 19 samples to Birmingham for testing.